What they believe

The events portrayed in this movie are a collage of actual occurrences. Anecdotes of ambiguous love and hope. They assemble a world, where evangelical fanaticism has become an everyday insanity.

Glad tidings about a device that will turn a life around for good – Three treasure hunters follow the cross – A father and a son share the secrets of everlasting joy – On the other hand, a crippled child can only find serenity inside his model railway. A miracle healer shall finally bring him salvation...
Little by little, odd human beings and an odd world will be made manifest. Always with them is a laughing kookaburra, suggesting what may be the only solution to this madness: Laughing lightheartedly.
The events portrayed in this movie are a collage of actual occurrences. These anecdotes of ambiguous love and hope have been collected in preoccupation with evangelical Christians.

2016 | Best Student Animation | Animafest Zagreb
2016 | 2nd Prize Experimental Animation | Athens Animfest
2016 | Best Animated Film | Filmschau Baden-Württemberg

Screenings and Nominations

IKFF Internationales Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg | German Competition
Mecal Pro | Barcelona | Oblique Competition
Animafest Zagreb | Zagreb | Student Competition | Best Student Award
DokLeipzig | Deutscher Wettbewerb
Holland Animation Film Festival | Student Competition
Melbourne International Animation Festival | Student Competition
Annecy Animation Film Festival | Annecy Frankreich | Graduation Competition
Anifilm Festival | Trebon, Tschechien | Student Competition
Animex Award | Middlesbrough, Nordengland | Competition
European Media Art Festvial | Osnabrück | Competition
Cellu L’Art Kurzfilmfestival | Jena | International Competition
Fest Anca | School Competition
Animaze – Animation Day in Cannes | Screening
Turku Animated Film Festival | Tuku, Finnland | International Competition
Rabbit Film Festival | Palmares | Official Selection
Open Eyes Marburg | Wettbewerb
Kyev International Short Film Festival | Animation Madness | Screening
Eyes & Ears New Talents | Köln | Finalists Award
Athens Animfest | Experimental Competition | 2nd Prize Experimental Award
Ottawa Internation Animation Festival | Ottawa, Canada | Graduation Competition
Shorts 17 – Kurzfilmfestival der Hochschule Offennburg | Competition
Anima Mundi | Rio Brasilien | Official Selection
Big Bang Fest | Buenos Aires, Argentinien | Official Selection
Taichung international Animation Festival | Programm Best of Zagreb
KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival | Screening
Kuandu International Animation Festival | Official Selection Choice Program
L’étrange Festival | Paris | Official Selection
Los Angeles Cinefest | Semi-Finalist
Animation Night New York | Official Selection
Filmschau Baden-Württemberg | Best Animated Film
Siggraph Asia | Macau | Official Selection
Sick n Wrong Festival | Florida | Competition
GEM Festival | Anaklia, Georgien | Screening
Vermont Animated Film Festival | Screening
Ceiling 2016 – echibition at Solyanka State Gallery | Moskau | Exhibition
Skepto | Cagliari, Italien | Wettbewerb Skeptyricon
Nippon Connection | Frankfurt | Screening
Experimental Superstars | (Bulgarien?) | Wettbewerb, Official Selection
interfilm Berlin | Eject XIX – die lange Nacht des abwegigen Films | Official Selection for Audience Award
Seoul Best of the Best Animation festival | non-competitive Section
Katgmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF) | non-competitve Section
LISFF WIz-Art Festival | special Screening
PÖFF 20 | Black nights film festival | Tallinn | Student Competition
Flensburger Kurzfilmtage | Flensburg |
ReAnimania | Jerewan, Armenien | Graduation Competition
Videodrunk Film Festival | Toronto, Canada |
ISFF CineMAiubit
Shortfilm Slam | Hamburg | Screening
Festival Premiers Plans d’Angers | Paris | Januar | European Animated film competition
Max Ophüls Preis Festival | Saarbrücken | Januar | Außer Konkurrenz im Animationsprogramm
Croatian National Television | broadcast
4th International Motion Festival, Cyprus (IMF)
VOID Film Festival, Kopenhagen

Graduation film
Directed by

Shoko Hara
Simon Thummet
Michaela Edl
Sofiia Melnyk
Shoko Hara
Svenja Baumgärtner
Concept Art
Shoko Hara
Paul Brenner
Marius Kirsten
Sounddesign & Mixing
Marc Fragstein
Luis Schoeffend
Foley Artist & Edit
Luis Schoeffend
Foley recordists
Marc Fragstein
Volker Armbruster