Shoko Hara
Paul Brenner

Fuku no Shima - Island of Fortune

2014 – three years after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, we travelled to the danger zone, Minamisoma, 30km away from the nuclear power plant "Daiichi". People who lost their home because of the tsunami were still living in emergency shelters. 

Subtitle in English:
"It's hard to tell or show it uncommited, but I wish I could show this place to
as many people as possible. Just as it is. You don't need to leave out or make up the situation. But japanese media shows Fukushima and its people too negative...I guess. There are a lot of people who keep up and are diligent. News coverage should be more focused on this kind of people. There is life here. And that should be published and spread in the media."
"Fortune in full of blossom, The island of fortune."