Just a Guy – Trailer

JUST A GUY is an animated documentary film about love. Three women share glimpses of their affection, attraction and relationship with Richard Ramirez: A serial killer and rapist they contacted after his conviction in the 80s. Through their perspective we revisit exchanged letters and emotions that are as obsessive as they are hauntingly familiar.

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In Competition
/// Hotdocs / Shorts / Canada / 2020
/// Animafest Zagreb / Grand Competition / 2020
/// ITFS / International Competiton / Germany / 2020
/// International Animation Festival Annecy / Perspective Shorts / 2020
/// Krakow / International Competition / 2020

Animated documentary
Debut film
Directed by

Shoko Hara
Studio Seufz
Simon Thummet
Tobias Wilhelmer
Production Design
Shoko Hara
Head of Puppet Animation
Eliott Deshusses
Head of Clay Animation
Valentin Kemmner
Additional Animation
Matisse Gonzales
Nora Marie Back
Mona Keil
Shoko Hara


Shoko Hara
Compositing Assistant
Jonas Hurrle
Chiara Strickland
Marc Fragstein
Foley Artist & Edit
Luis Schoeffend
Marc Fragstein
Luis Schoeffend
Foley Recordist
Marius Kirsten