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Paul Brenner
Bennet Meyer
Lito Akari & Dexter
Block Opera
Aminata Bouaré


Lito Akari - In Arcadia ft. Dexter

Lito Akari’s debut album is the narrative of extraterrestrial life arriving on planet earth. Nothing will ever be the same. It’s a beat odyssey into the unknown through time and space of the infinite universe. Floating synthesizers and distorted tape deck sounds, atmospheric vocals over crackling vinyl and organic basses - Lito Akari creates weightlessness, infused with frilly drums, Lo-Fi beats drifting off to classic breaks and pumping West Coast vibes. The unconventional producer with German-Turkish roots blurs the boundaries between sample based production and life instrumentation. Fragmented sound recordings of contemporary witnesses lead through this experimental journey. The consistent mood of the concept album is also underlined visually with artwork and video art in his own handwriting. 20 instrumental hip hop tracks on 12" vinyl (w/ obi-strip) with features from Apples, Dexter, DJ Vinylizt and Lazer. 300 copies limited. Mix & Mastering by Dexter.